Table sola.system.config_map_layer
Identifies the layers available for display in the SOLA Map Viewer.
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name varchar 50
config_map_layer_metadata.name_layer config_map_layer_metadata_name_fk C
level_config_map_layer.config_map_layer_name level_config_map_layer_name_fk C
Name assigned to the map layer.
title varchar 100 The title used for the layer when it is displayed in the map control.
type_code varchar 20
config_map_layer_type.code config_map_layer_type_code_fk104 R
Indicates the source of data for the map layer. One of pojo (Plain Old Java Object - SOLA specific), wms (Web Map Service), shape (Shapefile)
active bool 1 true Flag to indicate if the layer is active. Inactive layers are not displayed in the map layer control.
visible_in_start bool 1 true Flag to indicate if the layer should be turned on and display when the map initially displays
item_order int4 10 0 The order to use for display of layers in the layer control. The layer with the lowest number will be displayed at the bottom of the layer control.
style varchar 4000  √  null An SLD document representing the styles to use for display of the layer features in the map.
url varchar 500  √  null The URL identifying the data source for a WMS layer.
wms_layers varchar 500  √  null The names of the layers to request when obtaining data from a Web Map Service. Layer names must be separated with a comma.
wms_version varchar 10  √  null The version of the WMS server. Values can be one of 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.3.0.
wms_format varchar 15  √  null Format of the output for the WMS layer. Allowed values are as defined by the WMS server capabilities. E.g. image/png or image/jpeg.
wms_data_source varchar 200  √  null Description to display in the Map when the WMS layer is turned on.
pojo_structure varchar 500  √  null Plain old java object structure. Must be specified in the same format as requried by the Geotools featuretype definition. E.g. theGeom:Polygon,label:""
pojo_query_name varchar 100  √  null config_map_layer_pojo_query_name_fk105 R
The name of the query (i.e. system.query) used to retrieve features for this layer.
pojo_query_name_for_select varchar 100  √  null config_map_layer_pojo_query_name_for_select_fk106 R
The name of the query to use to select objects corresponding to the layer. Can be used for any layer type
shape_location varchar 500  √  null The location of the shapefile. Used for layers of type shape. THe client application must have access to the shape file location.
security_user varchar 30  √  null The username to access a secure wms layer. Not currently used.
security_password varchar 30  √  null The password to access a secure wms layer. Not currently used.
added_from_bulk_operation bool 1 false Flag to indicate the layer was added when using the SOLA Bulk Operation feature.
use_in_public_display bool 1 false Flag to indicate if the layer must be visible when printing the public display map. Not relevant for other kinds of map operations.
use_for_ot bool 1 true Flag to indicate if the layer must be visible on open tenure map.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
name Primary key Asc config_map_layer_pkey
pojo_query_name Performance Asc config_map_layer_pojo_query_name_fk105_ind
pojo_query_name_for_select Performance Asc config_map_layer_pojo_query_name_for_select_fk106_ind
title Must be unique Asc config_map_layer_title_unique
type_code Performance Asc config_map_layer_type_code_fk104_ind

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