Table for email messages to be sent.

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id varchar 40 Unique identifier of the record.
recipient varchar 255 Email address of recipient.
recipient_name varchar 255  √  null Name of recipient.
cc varchar 5000  √  null List of names and email address to send a copy of the message
bcc varchar 5000  √  null List of names and email address to send a blind copy of the message
subject varchar 250 Subject of the message
body varchar 8000 Message body
attachment bytea 2147483647  √  null Attachment file to send
attachment_mime_type varchar 250  √  null attachment_mime_type
attachment_name varchar 250  √  null Attachment file name
time_to_send timestamp 29,6 now() Date and time when to send the message.
attempt int4 10 1 Number of attempt of sending message.
error varchar 5000  √  null Error message received when sending the message.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc email_pk_id