Table sola.system.map_search_option
Identifies the map search options supported in the Map Viewer along with their configuration details.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Reference Table, Map Configuration

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code varchar 20 The code for the map search option.
title varchar 50 The title displayed to the user for the map search option.
query_name varchar 100 map_search_option_query_name_fk122 R
The query (i.e. system.query) that will be used for retrieving the search results. The query requires only one parameter : search_string. Map search queries must be defined to use this parameter and return 3 fields; id - unique id for the matched item, label - the value to display to the user, the_geom: the WKB of the matched geometry.
active bool 1 true Indicates the Map Search Option is active or not.
min_search_str_len int2 5 3 The minimum number of characters required for the search string.
zoom_in_buffer numeric 20,2 50 The buffer distance to use when zooming the map to display the selected object. The units of this value are dependent on the coordinate system of the map (usually meters).
description varchar 500  √  null A description for the search option.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
code Primary key Asc map_search_option_pkey
query_name Performance Asc map_search_option_query_name_fk122_ind
title Must be unique Asc map_search_option_title_unique

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