SchemaSpy Analysis of sola.bulk_operationExtension to the LADM used by SOLA to implement Bulk Operation functionality such as loading of shapefiles and documents. Generated by
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Function: clean_after_rollback 0 Runs clean up tasks after the transaction of bulk operation is rolled back.
Function: move_cadastre_objects 0 Moves cadastre objects from the Bulk Operation schema to the Cadastre schema.
Function: move_other_objects 0 Moves general spatial objects other than cadastre objects from the Bulk Operation schema to the Cadastre schema. If an appropriate level and/or structure type do not exist in the Cadastre schema, this function will add them.
Function: move_spatial_units 0 Moves all spatial data from teh Bulk Operation schema to the Cadastre schema using the move_cadastre_objects and move_other_objects functions. This function is called after the bulk opearation transaction is created by the Bulk Operation application.
spatial_unit_temporary 2 14 Used as a staging area when loading spatial objects with the bulk operations functionality. Data in this table is validated and any field values generated (e.g. name_firstpart) prior to transferring the data into the cadastre object table.
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