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reg_status_type 6 4 Code list of registration status types. E.g. current, historic, pending, previous.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Reference Table
transaction 12 2 11 Transactions are used to group changes to registered data (i.e. Property, RRR and Parcels). Each service initiates a transaction that is then recorded against any data edits made by the user. When the service is complete and the application approved, the data associated with the transction can be approved/registered as well. If the user chooses to reject their changes prior to approval, the transaction can be used to determine which data edits need to be removed from the system without affecting the currently registered data.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Change History
transaction_source 2 7 Associates transactions to source (a.k.a. documents) that justify the transaction. Used by the Cadastre Change and Cadastre Redefintion services.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Change History
transaction_status_type 1 4 Code list of transaction status types. E.g. pending, approved, cancelled, completed.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Reference Table
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